Finn Dixon & Herling

Finn Dixon & Herling was founded in 1987 with a vision to create a dynamic, client-focused business law firm providing sophisticated, cost-effective, responsive and solution-oriented representation and counsel. The partners, approaching retirement, wanted a “yearbook” to commemorate their achievements and celebrate over two decades of work. I recommended a more elegant approach; I collaborated with a writer to craft the history of the firm and a photographer to document where they are  today. The Retrospective uses cmyk printing, foil stamping and two different papers. It also features a 4-page center spread timeline foldout. The firm was thrilled with the end result, and my work with FDH is ongoing. 

25-Year Retrospective
Finn Dixon & Herling Retrospective Center Spread
Retrospective timeline 4-page foldout
Finn Dixon & Herling Promo
Finn Dixon & Herling Ad
“New Leaders in the Law” Ad